Cat Energy Time Shift Module


Cat Energy Time Shift Module

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Reliable and Scalable

Reliable and Scalable
  • Pre-engineered containers shipped as a single unit that can be quickly installed on site
  • Multiple modules operate in parallel for increased capacity
  • Renewable Integration

    Renewable Integration
  • Designed to work with an array of renewable systems, including solar and wind
  • Integration with Cat Microgrid Master Controller (MMC) increases renewable penetration
  • Grid Stabilization

    Grid Stabilization
  • Protects against many of the common power problems, including power failure, voltage sags/surges, and under/over voltage conditions
  • Inverters

  • Intelligent controls for the charging and discharging of the energy storage equipment
  • Static VAR compensator
  • Full four-quadrant output power factor control
  • Automatic anti-islanding
  • Grid forming
  • Parallel-ready - multiple modules may be used in parallel to increase total output
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